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Friday, March 30, 2012


Is this another handle of loganwiccanwolf/wildmasterjason/etc.?

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> Hello, I have been pbem RPing for a few years now, playing in mostly group games with a few one-on-one stories here and there. The last few games I was writing in fizzled out so I figured I would post on here looking for a few potential writing partners. Right now I'm really just looking for people to write with one-on-one, so we can keep up a fairly brisk pace. I'm not necessarily expecting everyone to be able to write several times a day or even once every day, but several times a week would be very nice and more than that would be even better.
> I like to write fantasy, sci fi, pretty much anything that isn't a modern setting. Vampires and werewolves have become boring to me but something with demons, elementals, aliens or something else more imaginative would definitely interest me. I like to incorporate romance elements, up to and including sex but if a story is just sex I tend to tune out. I love stories where the characters start off as strangers or even enemies and are thrust together in close quarters and forced to coexist, becoming closer and finally intimate as the story progresses. There are quite a few taboo situations I accept and even enjoy writing about.
> I will not, however, respond to any invitations to any instant messengers. Just to be clear, I only write through email. So I'll leave it there and see if anyone would like to discuss any ideas with me. Please reply to silverwolf0112@... if you would be interested in writing with me.
> Silver

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