[RPG_Player_Sanctuary] Born In the Fires: CSS Andoria

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Born in the fires of the Battle of Wolf 359 and the Dominion War, the Defiant-class was created as Starfleet's only warship in response to the many new threats faced by the Federation in the mid-24th century.

Intended to take the fight to an enemy that didn't know when to stop, its first and only goal was to defend the Federation borders and its citizens, but that has all changed.

But what is the role of a warship in peace-time? When old enemies have become new allies and the universe grows weary of war?

What is a warships role when you have been thrown from your timeline with no way back? What is your life about when you have lost your past?

That is the question that awaits the crew of the CSS Andoria and her crew. Lieutenant Commander Paul Davis has been appointed as the Commanding Officer of the newly build Defiant-class starship.

Now is the time to join the CSS Andoria as she uncovers allies and enemies against the Confederation Fleet.

The CSS Andoria is currently recruiting for the following positions:

    * Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    * Chief Science Officer (This position fall under the Medical Department)
    * Chief Counselor
    * All Deputy Positions

The CSS Andoria is a Play By Nova simm in the fact that we post via Nova.

Website: http://androia.confederation-fleet.org/

Lieutenant Command Paul Davis
Commanding Officer
CSS Andoria

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