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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hello everyone,

I will be starting a new Fantesy themed RPG at some point this month. I am currently looking for players who will be active (least once weekly) and have some experiance-good writers (descent sized posts).

For the genre and theme, I was setting it Medievil time-period with a heavier focus on furries (E.g. Vixens, Neko, etc), Elves, and similar fantesy creatures. Group will be open to all levels of RPers from the teenagers to mature players, therefore PG-13 level content unless its explicity said in the title. I am not too picky about post content :)

Please post here or message me on YIM if you are interested. We are still in the planning stages so things like plot are up for debate.

I have about 8 years managing successful RPG groups, and can play a character from about any background or plotline. Also open to doing bunch of 1on1s within the new group for those who prefer this type.

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